A tatami is used in which of the following sports?

Trivia Crack Question: A tatami is used in which of the following sports?
Trivia Crack Answer: Judo

About Tatami is used in Judo

Tatami is a type of mat that is used in traditional Japanese style rooms as a flooring material. It is made of rice straw though contemporarily it is sometimes made of polystyrene foam or compressed wood chip boards. Tatami is a term garnered from the verb tatami, which means to pile or fold. This points back to the earliest forms of tatami which were thin and foldable or simply piled up when not in use. Tatami was originally for nobility and considered to be a luxury during the Heian period, exclusively used for the highest aristocrats. During the Kamakura period, architectural style allowed for tatami to be used in the residence of priests and samurai who rose to some power. Tatami finally spread to general residencies and indeed all over every room in the Muromachi period. Particular rooms that were completely covered in Tatami became known as zashiki, which means room spread out for sitting. Tatami reached ubiquity in the 17th century. In Japan today, tatami floored rooms are not as common, though they are used in Judo. Judo, which translates to ‘gentle way’ is a modern styled martial arts and combat sport originally created in Japan in 1882 by Jigoro Kano. It is a throwing-styled combat with takedowns and immobilization moves used to subdue opponents or force them through chokeholds and joint locks wherein there only option left is to submit.

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