Algeria has a coastline on which sea?

Trivia Crack Question: Algeria has a coastline on which sea?
Trivia Crack Answer: Mediterranean sea

About Algeria’s coastline

Algeria has a coastline on the Mediterranean sea. Algeria is a country in the north of Africa. It is bordered by Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Tunisia, the Western Sahara and the Mediterranean Sea. Algeria’s coastline means that many empires, based in both Europe and Africa, have attempted and succeeded in gaining control of Algeria. The Ottoman empire was in control of Algeria for the longest period, about five hundred years. France’s colonization of Algeria is more well known, as Algeria was known as French Algeria until 1962. The French colonization caused a lot of havoc in Algeria’s society. Like many colonist societies, the French believed that they were civilizing and taming the country. Instead, they caused disease, violence, a loss of literacy and a decimation of the native Algerian population. Eventually, the Muslim population’s dissatisfaction with the regime bubbled up into the Algerian War in 1954. Algeria achieved independence in 1962. Algeria was plunged into war again in 1991, when the Islamic Salvation Front and the national armed forces began a conflict known as the Algerian Civil War. Some reform of Algeria’s Constitution was done during and after Arab Spring protests in 2011. There is still controversy over whether elections are actually representative.

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