Chestnut cream is traditional in what country’s gastronomy?

Trivia Crack Question: Chestnut cream is traditional in what country’s gastronomy?
Trivia Crack Answer: France

About chestnut cream

Chestnut cream is a traditional food in France. Chestnut cream was invented in 1885 by Clement Faugier. Faugier was a producer of glazed chestnuts, and the first person to create an industrial method of creating the glazed chestnuts. Many chestnuts would break during the glazing process, rendering them unsaleable. Faugier did not like wasting the resources on these broken chestnuts, so he created the chestnut cream. The broken chestnuts were pureed and flavored with vanilla and sugar. Chestnut cream soon became very popular in France. It is often used on crepes and other desserts. The cream was trademarked in 1924. Both the chestnut cream and glazed chestnuts are traditional and frequent fare in France. Only high-quality sweet chestnuts are used in the production of glazed chestnuts and chestnut cream. Chestnuts naturally have a delicate and nutty flavor, which is enhanced by the glazing and puree process of creating these French delicacies. Chestnut cream can be difficult to buy in countries other than France. Clement Faugier’s company still produces his original recipe, which you can purchase online and in specialty grocery stores. There are also many recipes to make your own chestnut cream, but it is a rather intensive process. Chestnut cream’s sweet and savory taste make it an important tradition in France’s gastronomy. You can taste it at any creperie or bakery there!

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