DE is the international code for what country?

Trivia Crack Question: DE is the international code for what country?
Trivia Crack Answer: Germany

About Germany’s international code, DE

DE is the international code for Germany. In German, Germany is called Deutschland or ‘The German lands’. This is where the international code of DE. These international codes are a standard called ISO 3166, which was created by the International Organization for Standardization. There is a maintenance agency for this international code. They are asked to add and take away country names and assign the appropriate code for each, to maintain a publication of the countries and their codes, create newsletters for any changes and tell people how to properly use the ISO 3166. The International Organization for Standardization was established in 1947. Its headquarters can be found in Geneva. A predecessor of this organization began in 1926, but World War II caused a suspension of their work. The organization is created of volunteers, each of whom are experts on standardizations and represent one country. 164 of the 206 countries worldwide are represented by this body. Countries that are not represented still receive standardized international codes, although theirs are considered ISO 3166-1 codes. Territories and other geographical areas also receive these types of codes. These codes make trading between countries much easier, whether goods or information are being traded. ISO’s standards are not the only available standards for international country codes. In fact, ISO is often criticized for requiring that companies pay to use their standards.

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