How many countries border with Egypt?

Trivia Crack Question: How many countries border with Egypt?
Trivia Crack Answer: 4

About the countries that border Egypt

4 countries border Egypt. Gaza, Israel, Libya and Sudan border Egypt. To the north, Egypt is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. The Gaza border of Egypt is only 12 kilometers long. There is a 100 meter buffer zone between Gaza and Egypt, called the Philadelphia route. Egypt also began building a steel wall along their border with Gaza. Due to the conflict between Gaza and Israel, this border has been the site of much controversy and action from 2007 to the present day. The border between Israel and Egypt also has a physical border. Israel began building a fence between the two after large numbers of illegal immigrants entered Israel. The immigrants were primarily from Sudan and Eritrea and were smuggled by Bedouins. The fence has had a large effect on the amount of illegal immigrants. It has become a model to other countries, including the U.S. The Libya-Egypt border has had less technology and construction involved, but has all had its fair share of difficulties, especially in the last few years, with Libya’s inner turmoil. There are two places where one might cross Egypt’s border into Libya. Egypt and Sudan’s border area has been argued over since Sudan has become an independent nation. There is a ‘triangle’ of land that has been claimed by both Egypt and Sudan. The 4 countries that border Egypt filled with war and struggle, so its borders are often contentious.

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