How many island make up the state of Hawaii?

Trivia Crack Question: How many island make up the state of Hawaii?
Trivia Crack Answer: 8

About the number of islands in Hawaii

8 islands make up the state of Hawaii. The main island is Hawai’i, or the Big Island. It is 4,000 square miles and has a population of nearly 200,000. There are 3 active volcanoes on the Big Island. The second island is Maui, which is the most common spot for tourists. Oahu is the third largest island. It is the most populated though, with over 900,000 residents. It is also popular among tourists, with over a million people visiting yearly. Molokai, the fourth island, once housed a leper colony in one of its towns. There are no cases of leprosy left today. Much of Molokai is owned by a cattle ranch. The annual hula festival is held on this island, as it is believed that Molokai is where hula began. Lanai is known as the Pineapple Island for its large pineapple plantation. This is the last public island of Hawaii’s 8 islands. Only about 3,000 people live on this island. Niihau is a privately owned island. It is owned by the Robinson family, who only allow their relatives, guests and Navy and government officials onto the island. It has been privately owned since 1864. There are still 130 permanent inhabitants of the island. They do not pay rent, have access to free solar power and are given free meat. The last of the 8 Hawaiian islands is Kahoolawe, which has no residents. Although these 8 are considered the main number of islands, there are a number of smaller islands and islets in Hawaii. The state claims that there are 137 islands that make up Hawaii.

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