How many official languages are there in Switzerland?

Trivia Crack Question: How many official languages are there in Switzerland?
Trivia Crack Answer: 4

About the official languages of Switzerland

There are four official languages in Switzerland. The official languages are French, German, Italian and Romansh. German is the most spoken language, with about 64% of the country registering as native speakers of German. French is the second most common of the official languages. These languages are typically spoken in specific regions. Romansh is the only language that has many different small regions, instead of one large region of the country. Romansh is also the language with the least speakers. One can still correspond with the government in Romansh. The number of Italian speakers in Switzerland has been declining since about 1970, as less people have been immigrating from Italy into Switzerland. Although German is the most spoken language in Switzerland, the German spoken throughout the country varies widely based on the canton they live in. There are also five types of sign language used in Switzerland. Each canton of Switzerland may choose which languages are official in their province. Fribourg’s, Bern’s and Valais’s official languages are French and German while Graubunden’s are German, Romansh and Italian. There are speakers of the other languages in each of these provinces, but not enough to merit being an official language.

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