How many times was Julius Caesar stabbed?

Trivia Crack Question: How many times was Julius Caesar stabbed?
Trivia Crack Answer: Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times

About Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times

Julius Caesar was a Roman Consul with Mark Antony, a statesman and author of Latin prose, and a Roman general active around and through 60 BC and 40 BC. Julius Caesar was the first Roman general to cross both the English Channel and the Rhine after he built a bridge to cross the Rhine and invaded Britain for the first time in British history. After these achievements and others, Caesar had reached unprecedented military power which threatened to overtake Pompey, who had recently realigned himself with the Senate in 53 BC. As the Gallic wars concluded, Julius Caesar was advised by the Senate to back down and relieve himself of military command. Caesar, in opposition to this sentiment, instead entered into Rome in 49 BC by way of crossing the Rubicon, resulting in civil war and ending in Caesar’s victory. Caesar held reign over the republic until his assassination in 44 BC on the Ides of March, by the hands of a group of contentious senators. As told by Roman historians Suetonius and Plutarch, Caesar appeared at a session of the Senate when Tillius Cimber made to present him with a petition concerning his exiled brother. Conspirators crowded around as if to show support of the petition, when Cimber ripped from Caesar his tunic and Servilius Casca struck out with a knife. The rest of the group, reported to be around sixty men, joined in and Caesar was stabbed a grand total of twenty-three times. Julius Caesar remains as one of the greatest military commanders of all time.

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