How to Play Trivia Crack

The “Trivia” part of Trivia Crack is easy to do: answer the questions correctly! But there’s a lot more to Trivia Crack than that. We’ve made a list of key concepts to help teach you how to play. Remember, challenge your friends to a game of Trivia Crack to show how much smarter you are than them.

trivia crack

1. Start a New Game

Start up a new game of Trivia Crack but beware: every time you do, you’ll have one life deducted from your heart meter, in the top left corner of the screen. Every hour, one heart recharges by itself, or you can pay to get them back. It’s up to you, but make your games count!

2. Choose to Play Against Friends or a Random Player

Part of the fun of Trivia Crack is that you can play it with your friends, so hook up and show off your knowledge! But if there’s no one around, you can also play against random strangers.

3. Spin Willy the Wheel!

When Trivia Crack first starts, you get to spin Willy the Wheel, who will randomly choose a trivia category from the six: Art, History, Geography, Science, Sports, and Entertainment. You can choose to skip a category you don’t like by giving up your turn, or you can use a power-up to spin again with no penalty.

4. Answer the Questions

Once you’ve chosen to play a category, you’ll be given a question with four multiple-choice answers. Answer it correctly to spin again and answer more questions! If you answer it wrong, your turn ends and your opponent takes a turn. Beware: you only have 30 seconds to answer a question!

5. Crown or Sword: Unlock or Challenge

Once you’ve answered three questions correctly, you can choose to unlock one of the six characters or challenge your opponent. Once you unlock all six of the characters (which are the mascots for each of the trivia categories), you win the game. If you choose the crown option after answering three questions correctly, you will be given a question associated with that character. Answer it correctly to win them, then continue answering questions. However, if you choose the challenge (or sword) option, you can steal a character from your opponent, putting you ahead and throwing them behind! In a challenge, both you and your opponent are giving six questions to answer. If you lose the challenge, you lose one of your characters, but if you win, you successfully steal one of theirs.

6. Power-Ups

There are a number of power-ups to help you while playing Trivia Crack. These can be bought in-game using coins, which can be earned by winning games or paying with real money.

  • Extra Time: Gain an extra 15 seconds to answer a question
  • Bomb: Discard two wrong answers
  • Second Chance: Use this before answering a question to get a second chance at answering
  • Skip: Skip a difficult category when you make a spin you don’t like

7. Unlock Six Characters to Win!

Whether through challenges or unlocks, gain six characters before your opponent to win Trivia Crack!