In which country is Mount Kenya?

Trivia Crack Question: In which country is Mount Kenya?
Trivia Crack Answer: Kenya

About Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is located in Kenya. Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya, the second-highest in Africa and the 32nd highest in the world. Although one may assume that Mount Kenya is named after the country, Kenya is actually named after Mount Kenya. The Mount Kenya National Park was established in 1949 and in 1997, it was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mount Kenya is located about 90 miles from the Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Mount Kenya is an inactive volcano, last active about 5 million years ago. Mount Kenya is also a location of multiple glaciers. The glaciers are currently melting and retreating. The melting glaciers may cause great harm to Kenya and Africa’s ecosystem and economy. As glaciers become smaller, there will be less freshwater to aid in the growth of crops or even to be used by people to survive. Declining glaciers may also affect the number of tourists that an area receives. Currently, about 16,000 people visit Mount Kenya each year. Much of Kenya’s economy is driven by tourism, so any effects to these numbers could affect the country as a whole. Agriculture is the other largest contributor to Kenya’s economy, which could also be adversely affected by the glacier melt occurring on Mount Kenya.

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