Morocco is a country within which continent?

Trivia Crack Question: Morocco is a country within which continent?
Trivia Crack Answer: Africa

About the location of Morocco

Morocco is located on the continent of Africa. Morocco is a country located on the northwest coast of Africa. Morocco is most well known for Casablanca, both the city and the movie. Its capital is Rabat. Morocco’s location has allowed it to create a unique and blended culture, with influences from Arabic, Berber, African and European culture. Morocco still is ruled by a monarch, although it is a constitutional monarchy. The King of Morocco holds much more power than someone like the Queen of England, who is mostly a figurehead. However, the current king, Mohammed VI, has introduced some legislation lessening his power. This is in part due to the Arab Spring protests that occurred throughout northern Africa and the Middle East. Morocco has been Islamic since the 7th century, after the Roman Empire lost much of its land and power. Morocco’s location made it susceptible to conquering by various powers throughout its history. It has been a part of the Roman, Islamic, Berber, Sharifian, French and Spanish empires. Morocco is the only country in Africa that is not a part of the African Union. Morocco’s economy relies heavily on tourism, telecommunications and service.

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