Nepal is north of what country?

Trivia Crack Question: Nepal is north of what country?
Trivia Crack Answer: India

About Nepal’s location

Nepal is north of India. Nepal is a country located in South Asia, north of India. It is located south of China. India makes up Nepal’s main border, to the south, east and west. In the north of Nepal, one will find mountain ranges including Mount Everest. Nepal is still a developing country. It is making great strides towards a larger and more prosperous economy, but Nepal is still one of the least developed countries in the world. Nepal also has difficulty removing slavery from its land completely. Slavery was declared illegal in 1924 but debt bondage is still a common occurrence in Nepal. Even children of the debtors may be taken in as ‘payment’. Human trafficking is also an extreme issue in Nepal. There is evidence that at least 200,000 Nepali girls have been sold to India as sex slaves. Many of these girls were or are under 14 years. The country has also shifted between monarchy, democracy and communism frequently in the last 80 or so years. These constant shifts have made it difficult for Nepal to experience any real growths economically. Despite this, the amount of people living in poverty in Nepal has declined significantly. Tourism in Nepal, especially in the north, has helped the economy grow in limited ways.

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