Nike was the Greek goddess of what?

Trivia Crack Question: Nike was the Greek goddess of what?
Trivia Crack Answer: Victory

About the goddess Nike

Nike was the Greek goddess of victory. Most often portrayed with wings, Nike is also known as Winged Victory, and has since become the trademarked name of the Nike shoe company. In Greek mythology, Nike was the sister of the Titans who were sympathetic with Zeus and the rest of the gods, and thus became honored allies of the Greek pantheon after their victory against Uranus and the other Titans. Nike is one of the few Greek gods depicted consistently with wings, and one of the most popular characters depicted on ancient Greek coins. Nike was supposedly tasked with watching over battles and bestowing brave warriors with victory as well as laurel wreaths, which signified their merit. The famous statue “Nike of Samothrace” is considered one of the seminal depictions of the goddess, despite missing its head and arms. Nike of Samothrace now sits in the Louvre, and is praised as one of the greatest works of the ancient Greeks: with flowing drapes around the statue’s feet and the full-length wings detailed with feathers, the body is shown in movement, supposedly landing on the prow of a Greek ship after a battle at the site of Rhodes. The statue of Nike is believed to be the remains of a monument of the Rhodes battle.

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