On which sea does Romania have a coastline?

Trivia Crack Question: On which sea does Romania have a coastline?
Trivia Crack Answer: Black Sea

About Romania’s coastline

Romania has a coastline on the Black Sea. Primarily a landlocked country, Romania has a 225 km or 140 mile coastline along the Black Sea. This coastline helps Romania achieve a temperate climate. Cities along the coastline like Mamaia are very popular tourist attractions. Mamaia has very few year-round residents, and is primarily populated with tourists and those who work in the service industry during the summer. Because Romania is a temperate country, they do have seasons and therefore their beaches are not usable year-round. Tourism in Romania is an important part of the economy, creating as much as 5% of the GDP. Beaches and the coastline attract many of these tourists, but others also come to Romania for the skiing and rural tourism. Rural tourism often focuses on folklore. Bran Castle is often marketed as Dracula’s Castle, as it is one of the castles supposedly responsible for the legend of the Dracula. It is a museum today, with a collection of art and furniture originally curated by Queen Marie, the last queen of Romania. Other tourists come to see the delta of the Danube River, the second largest river delta in Europe. The painted churches in Moldavia and the wooden churches in Maramures are also popular tourist attractions.

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