Senegal is located in what continent?

Trivia Crack Question: Senegal is located in what continent?
Trivia Crack Answer: Africa

About the location of Senegal

Senegal is located in the continent of Africa. Senegal is the most western country in Africa. Senegal was colonized by the French, who initially used the country only as a port to transfer slaves into the Atlantic Slave Trade, expanding their control to the mainland in the 1850s. Senegal’s location made it very valuable to the Atlantic slave trade, as it was the closest port to the Americas and also easily accessible to Europe. Senegal became fully independent in 1960, after an abortive attempt at a Federation with the French Sudan in 1959. French is still the official language of Senegal, but many indigenous languages are spoken, including Cangin, Jola, Pulaar, Serer and Wolof. In certain areas, these languages are spoken more widely than French. The Wolof are the largest ethnic group in Senegal. Residents are primarily Islam, although there are also Christian and local religions present in Senegal. The prominence of Islam means that little pork is used in local cuisine, but many other things are, especially fish. Senegal is home to many refugees, especially from Mauritania, due to their rampant slavery and human trafficking. Senegal’s largest city and capital is Dakar, which is located along the Atlantic coast. Music, storytelling and hospital are a large and important part of Senegalese culture.

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