The city of Cali is located in what country?

Trivia Crack Question: The city of Cali is located in what country?
Trivia Crack Answer: Colombia

About the city of Cali

Cali, or Santiago de Cali, is located in the country of Colombia. Cali is the second largest city in Colombia, after Bogota. Cali is the only city in Colombia on the Pacific coast, making it a very important city for the country. This location made Cali a center of trade in the early 20th century. To this day, Cali is an economic center of Colombia. There are many industrial factories and manufacturing hubs in Cali, including gas, beer, cigarettes, textiles and furniture. Drug trafficking became common in the 1980s, although a recent ‘war on drugs’ has reduced the popularity of the drug market in the city. The city of Cali has become a common destination for people looking for affordable plastic surgery. As many as 50,000 plastic surgeries take place in Cali each year, with up to 15,000 of those being performed on patients from outside of Colombia. Tourism in general is very important to Cali. There are a lot of retail areas, nightclubs, monuments and museums for those who come to visit the city of Cali. There are also many universities and festivals found in this Colombian city. Cali is often referred to as the capital of Salsa music and dance.

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