The painter Eugene Delacroix belongs to what art movement?

Trivia Crack Question: The painter Eugene Delacroix belongs to what art movement?
Trivia Crack Answer: Romanticism

About the painter Eugene Delacroix

The painter Eugene Delacroix belongs to the Romantic art movement, which was prominent from 1800 to 1850 in Europe. Eugene Delacroix was hailed as one of the first and greatest painters of the Romantic movement with the creation of his work, “The Massacre at Chios,” which depicted a Greek about to be slain by a Turk on horseback, surrounded by dead bodies. The Romantic movement was an artistic, literary, and philosophical trend in European thought that came in reaction to the Industrial Revolution and the Enlightenment, which stressed reason, science, and logic in human life, leading many people to feel that their lives were becoming cut off from emotions and what it meant to be human. One of the main features of the Romantic movement was the sublime, the terror and wonder associated with nature and life. Another feature was nature itself, its vastness and untamed character. Eugene Delacroix was a pioneer in the movement, creating paintings like “Liberty Leading the People,” which evoked the spirit of the French Revolution. Delacroix was also a prominent portrait painter, and found a rival in the painter Jean-Auguste Ingres, who belonged to the more conservative Neoclassical school. Delacroix and the Romantic movement stressed vivid colors and radical subjects evoking emotion and pathos.

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