The Tuvans are known for their throat singing. Where are they from?

Question: The Tuvans are known for their throat singing. Where are they from?
Answer: Siberia

About the Tuvans and throat singing

The Tuvans are from Siberia. Today, the area they live in is called the Republic of Tuva. It is located within Siberia. Tuva was an independent nation from 1921-1944, but it is now a part of the Russian Federation, along with 19 other republics. Tuva has attempted to become independent in the past, without success. Throat singing and other music is very important to the Tuvans’ culture. Throat singing, natively called khoomei, is unique to the Tuvans. Throat singing is a way to produce multiple pitches at once from a single person’s throat. There are many types of throat singing and khoomei is the type mostly used by the Tuvans. The Tuvans are a Turkic people. The Turkic people included the Turkish, Uzbeks, Turks and more. The Tuvans live in southern Siberia. There are also groups of Tuvans in Mongolia and China. They speak Tuvan, Russian and/or Mongolian. The Tuvan group is a large and growing population in Russia. There is genetic evidence showing that the Tuvan people of today are perhaps the closest relatives to Native Americans, of both North and South America. During medieval times, the Tuvans belonged to Uriankhai, a Mongol tribe. The Yakuts also belonged to this tribe.

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