What are the colors of the Philippines flag?

Trivia Crack Question: What are the colors of the Philippines flag?
Trivia Crack Answer: Blue, red, yellow and white

About the colors of the Philippines flag

The colors of the Philippines flag are blue, red, yellow and white. The Filipino flag, called the Three Stars and a Sun, is very symbolic for the Filipino nation. The sun, yellow in color, has 8 rays representing each of the provinces that were part of the country when it became independent from Spain. The three stars represent the island groups that make up the nation. The white triangle section of the flag represents equality and brotherhood. The large blue stripe is meant to represent justice, truth and peace in the Philippines. The red stripe symbolizes patriotism and bravery. When the Philippines are at war, their flag is hung with the red color at the top of the flag. This is rather than having a war flag separately, as many countries do. This flag became the country’s official flag in 1898. It is unsure whether the colors of the Philippines flag were inspired by the U.S.A or Cuba. The current flag uses the same color palette as the American flag, but previously it may have used the same blue as the Cuban flag. The reason the flag uses American colors is because the Philippines were brought under American colonial rule for over 30 years at the beginning of the 20th century. The only cloth available for flags during and after this period was what the Americans used for their flags, forcing the Philippines to use those colors for their flag.

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