What colors is the flag of Iraq?

Trivia Crack Question: What colors is the flag of Iraq?
Trivia Crack Answer: Red, white and black

About the flag of Iraq

The primary colors of the Iraqi flag are red, white and black. The flag of Iraq also features some green detail. The green detail has changed many times, starting as three green stars, then adding ‘Allahu akbar’ between the stars, then simply reading ‘Allahu akbar’ in the traditional Kufic script. As with any national flag, the colors of the flag of Iraq are symbolic. The three stripes of red, white and black echo the Arab Liberation flag. The red color symbolizes the blood spilt during the Arab Liberation and the courage of those who fought. White is used to symbolize generosity, an important trait to Iraqis, and the bright future of the country. The black color symbolizes the long years of Islamic oppression and the triumph of the Islamic faith. Green is used for the detail of the flag because many believe that it was the favorite color of both the Prophet Muhammad and his daughter. Also, green is used frequently in the Koran to describe the paradise that believers will find. There have been many versions of the Iraqi flag. The first flag of Iraq was created in 1921 and had the same color scheme as today’s flag. The current flag has been in use since 2008.

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