What countries are part of the BRICS?

Trivia Crack Question: What countries are part of the BRICS?
Trivia Crack Answer: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa

About the countries of the BRICS group

BRICS include the countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. These countries banded together because they are all developing countries that are growing quickly. The name BRICS was created by the former chairman of Goldman Sachs, Jim O’Neill. BRICS countries include about 3 billion people which is about 40% of the total world population. The BRICS group was formed in 2009, although at that point South Africa was not included. South Africa became a member at the end of 2010. The countries meet for a yearly summit to discuss their progress. The most recent was held in Brazil in July of 2014. The next summit will be held in Russia. The BRICS countries often donate money to causes like the International Money Fund. They have also decided to create a New Development Bank to counter the heavily Western forces of funds like the IMF. However, this Bank has not yet been created due to lapses in negotiations. China, which has the most resources of the group, is angling to gain more power within the group, and therefore more of the money for aid. The other countries would like the money to be shared equally. Other countries are currently being considered to join the BRICS group. These countries include Argentina, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Syria, and Turkey.

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