What country do the Corn Islands belong to?

Trivia Crack Question: What country do the Corn Islands belong to?
Trivia Crack Answer: Nicaragua

About the Corn Islands

The Corn Islands belong to the country of Nicaragua. The Corn Islands, also known as Las Islas del Maiz, are located about 40 miles off the coast of Nicaragua. These islands were leased to the American government from 1914-1970, following the Bryan-Chamorro Treaty. This treaty established a $3 million dollar loan from the U.S. to Nicaragua in return for the use of the Corn Islands and the ability to establish a naval base in the Gulf of Fonseca. This use was supposed to continue for 99 years, with the option to renew, but the treaty was negated in 1970. This money allowed the Nicaraguan government to pay back debts caused by the civil wars in their country. On the U.S. side, this allowed the Panama Canal to continue to be profitable and stopped Nicaragua’s ability to compete with the U.S. and the Panama Canal. Since the U.S. owned the Panama Canal at the time, this was hugely advantageous. The Corn Islands are made up of the Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island. There are about 6,000 residents of the Corn Islands. The residents are primarily Creoles of mixed heritage who speak English. However, Spanish and Miskito, an indigenous Nicaraguan language, are beginning to overtake English as the main language. Tourism of the Corn Islands has become more popular in recent years, due in part to the coral reefs surrounding the islands.

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