What country is famous for the maple tree?

Trivia Crack Question: What country is famous for the maple tree?
Trivia Crack Answer: Canada

About the maple tree of Canada

Canada is famous for its maple trees. The maple leaf is the main focal point of the Canadian flag. It is also on many coins and other federal objects. Maple trees are very common in Canada. They are commercially valuable and often symbolizes endurance to the Canadian people. Maple trees are often a tourist attraction in Canada due to their particularly beautiful foliage. Maple trees are also the source of maple syrup, sugar and taffy. These products are a huge part of the Canadian economy. Quebec, one of the provinces of Canada, produces about three quarters of the entire world’s supply of maple syrup. Exports of the syrup account for over one hundred million dollars yearly. Maple syrup has been produced for a very long time, as the aboriginal people of Canada were producing it long before European contact. One of Canada’s hockey teams also uses the maple tree and leaf as their name and uniform – the Toronto Maple Leafs. The maple tree has been an important icon of Canada from its very beginning. The first mayor of Montreal called the maple tree the symbol of the Canadian people. You can see the maple leaf used as an icon across the country, part of corporate, sports and government signage.

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