What German region is famous for its porcelain?

Trivia Crack Question: What German region is famous for its porcelain?
Trivia Crack Answer: Saxony

About German porcelain

The German region that is famous for its porcelain is Saxony. The specific town within Saxony that much of the porcelain is from is named Meissen. There are considerable amounts of kaolinite, type of clay also known as china clay, in Meissen, and the German town became one of the first places where porcelain was made outside of China. For many years, Saxony was a free state or duchy, not incorporated into a grander German country, the same as Bavaria and Anhalt. The history of porcelain in Meissen began with the European desire to find a way to make porcelain without buying it from the Chinese. The supposed alchemist Johann Bottger, retained by the King of Poland, eventually helped the mathematician and scientist Ehrenfried Tschirnhaus with a recipe for porcelain, and set up a workshop in Saxony to begin making china. To trademark their work, the makers of “Meissen porcelain” created a crossed-swords logo, which has become one of the oldest living trademarks in the world. For several years, the creators of Meissen porcelain in Saxony were the only producers of porcelain in Europe, and became fabulously wealthy, though their designs and painting were initially inferior to their Chinese counterparts. In time though, their techniques grew in sophistication and skill, producing some of the most coveted pieces of art in the world, the “Meissen Blue” series of porcelain pieces.

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