What gows in a ‘Crescendo’?

Trivia Crack Question: What gows in a ‘Crescendo’?
Trivia Crack Answer: Sound

About the Crescendo

Sound grows in a crescendo. A crescendo is a musical term used to signal the gradual increase of the volume of the notes. A crescendo in musical notation is represented by a sideways ‘v’ shape stretched horizontally above or below the bar of music that is meant to grow in volume. Crescendos are often used to create tension, and serve a narrative purpose in pieces of music, where the crescendo signals the culmination of a significant event. Crescendos can represent storms, wars, swells of emotion, eruptions, and a variety of other strong subjects. Sometimes the beginning of a crescendo will be punctuated by an “accent,” a piece of musical notation shaped like an upside-down ‘v, which signals that emphasis must be placed on a certain note, creating a ‘pop’ at the beginning of the crescendo. A crescendo opposite is a decrescendo, in which the volume of the music gradually decreases. The word “crescendo” is an Italian word meaning ‘growing.’ Because many of the compositions in the history of early modern music were written in Italy, which was also the birthplace of the Renaissance, much of modern music terminology and notation is derived directly from Italian traditions.

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