What is Challenger Abyss?

Trivia Crack Question: What is Challenger Abyss?
Trivia Crack Answer: The deepest point in the oceans

About the Challenger Abyss

The Challenger Abyss is the deepest point in the ocean. At least, it is the deepest known point of the ocean. Its depth reaches as much as 7 miles. The Challenger Abyss is part of the Mariana Trench, located in the Pacific Ocean, south of Japan. The HMS Challenger, a British boat, was the first to measure the depths of the Challenger Abyss. This first measurement was inaccurate, estimating the depth at 10,000 feet fewer than today’s estimate. There have been two manned descents into the Challenger Abyss. One was done by James Cameron, the filmmaker. It took him two and a half hours to reach the ocean floor. Cameron was then able to spend two and a half hours on the ocean floor. He said he did not see any fish or other creatures over an inch long. The previous attempt, in 1960, only stayed on the ocean floor for about 20 minutes, as the men were concerned about a crack in an outer window. Three companies are now planning more descents. There have also been unmanned descents. One of them, sent by the U.S. government, was able to explore the floor of the Challenger Abyss for over 10 hours. It is still unknown what kind of creatures may reside in the Challenger Abyss, but recent research suggest that many microbial microorganisms may exist in the abyss.

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