What is Chandler’s from Friends original job?

Trivia Crack Question: What is Chandler’s from “Friends” original job?
Trivia Crack Answer: Data analysis and statistical configuration

About Chandler’s job

Chandler’s original job is as an IT manager specializing in data analysis and statistical configuration. Originally meant to be a temporary job, Chandler has been stuck at this job for years. Chandler tries to quit this job in the first season of Friends, but is offered a huge raise and decides to stay. Because of this job, Chandler is much more financially secure than most of the other Friends, except for Ross. Chandler does eventually quit his job after they make him move to Tulsa to head a new division. He realizes that he doesn’t want to live in a different city from Monica and so he quits on Christmas, then flies how to be with Monica. Monica is then able to get him a job as an intern at an advertising firm. Chandler is not thrilled to be an intern, but he is eventually promoted to a junior copywriter, rather than having to work through being an assistant as well. Chandler is one of the only friends that does not have to worry about money, but he often makes remarks about how much he hates his job. In an alternate reality, Chandler quits his job as an IT manager to become a freelance writer in comics. His eventual career in copywriting makes him much happier, along with his marriage to Monica.

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