What is the famous artist Kahlo’s first name?

Trivia Crack Question: What is the famous artist Kahlo’s first name?
Trivia Crack Answer: Frida

About Frida Kahlo

The famous artist Kahlo’s first name is Frida. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist known for her self-portraits and traditional or native Mexican painting style, which eventually made her a national hero for her glorification of Mexican heritage. Kahlo started painting in her teens, after she was hospitalized in a full-body cast after being caught in a combination bus-trolley accident that fractured her spine, pelvis, and collarbone, among other injuries. Kahlo spent the rest of her life dealing with bouts of intense pain, and her isolation following her hospitalization caused her significant anguish. Her painting became an outlet for her loneliness and frequent pain, and her subjects narrowed almost completely to herself. Despite these events, Frida Kahlo became the wife of the famous painter Diego Rivera and grew in prominence and fame for her paintings. After her death, Frida Kahlo’s notoriety grew exponentially with the rise of nationalism in Mexican art, which stressed Mexican heritage and identity. Frida Kahlo eventually became featured on Mexican currency, and her art became a significant part of Western art. Frida Kahlo’s family home, The Blue House, has since been turned into a museum of her art, and her androgynous, monobrowed self-portraits have become icons in themselves.

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