What kinds of plants did Monet paint?

Trivia Crack Question: What kinds of plants did Monet paint?
Trivia Crack Answer: Water lilies

About Claude Monet painted Water lilies

Oscar-Claude Monet was the founder and greatest contributor of French Impressionist painting in the latter 19th century through the early 20th century. Impressionism itself was a term garnered from the title of Monet’s own painting, Impression, soleil levant, or Impression, Sunrise. French Impressionist painting worked under the philosophy that nature was to be expressed through ones own perception of it, and endeavored through En plein air. En plein air, or In the Open Air, was a practice where painters placed themselves and their canvases outdoors before the scene which they would work on. This of course added the singular yet very distinct dichotomy between Impressionist paintings and realist paintings. Monet’s pivotal painting Impression, soleil levant, was first exhibited in 1874. Monet’s style grew from a yearning ambition to paint the French countryside over and again in order to document the changing seasons and passing of the light. His fascination with painting lilies most likely developed in Giverny, wherein 1883 Monet began the landscaping project of which he is most famous for, which included lily ponds. in 1899, Monet began to focus more heavily on these water lilies, and continued to dedicate his time to these paintings over the next twenty years of his life.

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