What nationality is the singer Frida, formerly of Abba?

Trivia Crack Question: What nationality is the singer Frida, formerly of Abba?
Trivia Crack Answer: Norwegian

About Frida, the ABBA member

Frida, formerly a member of Abba is of Norwegian nationality. Her mother was Norwegian and her father German. She was born just after the German occupation of Norway during World War II ended. She, her mother and her grandmother left their village in Ballangen in 1947, as they were afraid that those around them would harm them or take Frida away from her mother. Those of Norwegian nationality that had associated with Germans, like Frida and her mother, during the war were often treated poorly. Frida, born as Anni-Frid Synni Lyngstad, went to Sweden with her grandmother. Her mother moved to southern Norway, then joined Frida and her grandmother in Sweden. She died soon after of kidney failure, leaving Frida’s grandmother to raise her. For a long time, Frida thought that her father had died soon after the German occupation. However, after becoming famous and having interviews done, her father realized that Frida was his daughter and they met for the first time. Although Frida grew up in Sweden and was half German, she identified mostly with her Norwegian heritage. Frida would eventually marry a German Prince, Heinrich Ruzzo. She now focuses on environmental and charity issues. She now lives in Switzerland. Frida’s Norwegian nationality has been important to her throughout her life.

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