What was James Joyce’s nationality, author of Ulysses?

Trivia Crack Question: What was James Joyce’s nationality, author of Ulysses?
Trivia Crack Answer: Irish

About James Joyce was Irish

James Joyce, born 1882 in Dublin, was an Irish novelist and poet. Joyce is arguably the most influential author during the avant grade of modernism in the early 20th century. Though most of his work is considered monumental in influence and style, his best known work is Ulysses, an unparalleled stream of consciousness work of epic proportions. Ulysses was modeled in episodes after Homer’s Odyssey. The novel was first serialized in parts in an American journal called The Little Review, and was subsequently published as a whole by Sylvia Beach in Paris February 1922. Ulysses has been dubbed the ‘demonstration and summation of the entire movement [of modernist literature]’. The story centers around Leopold Bloom in Dublin Ireland, and takes place over the course of one whole day, June 16th, 1904. Parallels between Ulysses and the Odyssey run rampant throughout the book, attesting to James Joyce’s extreme talent and dedication the the craft. The novel is approximately 265,000 words. James Joyce’s fans worldwide have dubbed June 16th Bloomsday, a day where fans celebrate James Joyce and re-enact scenes from Ulysses. Many people around the world and throughout modern history have regarded Ulysses as the greatest novel ever written.

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