Whats the capital of Republic of Guinea?

Trivia Crack Question: Whats the capital of Republic of Guinea?
Trivia Crack Answer: Conakry

About the capital of the Republic of Guinea

Conakry is the capital of the Republic of Guinea. It is also the largest city in Guinea. Conakry is located on the Atlantic coast of Guinea. The exact population of Conakry is unknown, but it is believed to be around 2 million people. Conakry became the capital of Guinea in 1904, while it was still known as French Guinea. During this time, Conakry was an important trade port, especially of the peanut. French Guinea declared independence and became the Republic of Guinea in 1958. After this, Conakry experienced a huge population boom, expanding from 50,000 residents to 600,000 22 years later in 1980. It has kept growing to the present day. Conakry is still an important port city, exporting foods like bananas, coffee and aluminum. The Republic of Guinea is currently going through very difficult times, and this has affected the capital as well. Guinea was one of the main countries affected by ebola, has a history of female genital mutilation, has had turbulent government turnovers and has had violence erupt between two of the main ethnic groups, the Fula and Malinke. It is believed that about 25% of the total population of Guinea lives in Conakry. The population is primarily Muslim and is made up of various ethnic groups that populate Guinea.

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