Whats the most important work of Giovanni Bocaccio?

Trivia Crack Question: Whats the most important work of Giovanni Bocaccio?
Trivia Crack Answer: The Decameron

About the Decameron

The most important work of Giovanni Boccaccio (misspelled Bocaccio in the Trivia Crack question) is the Decameron. “Decameron” is a Greek word that means “ten days,” referring to the length of time that the story takes place. Written in the 14th century, the Decameron is a story about ten people who have fled to the countryside to avoid the Black Death, and who spend the time isolated in a house telling stories to entertain each other. Boccaccio’s ten characters, seven women and three men, decide that each person will tell one story a night for two weeks, except for chore days and holy days. The stories in the Decameron follow nightly themes, which range from tragic love stories to tales of clever merchants. Giovanni Boccaccio, the author, wrote the story partly inspired by his experience with the Black Death, and partly inspired by the plight of many women of the time, who lived their lives almost completely restricted to the home. Several of the stories in the Decameron, and indeed, one night’s theme, are dedicated to stories about women’s relationships, resentment, and tricks on men. Boccaccio’s representation of Florence in the middle ages and society in Italy gave later historians greater insight in the conditions of women, the merchant class, and the changes in medieval culture.

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