Where are hamburgers originally from?

Trivia Crack Question: Where are hamburgers originally from?
Trivia Crack Answer: Germany

About where hamburgers are from

Hamburgers are originally from Germany. Although the origin of the hamburger is often debated in the U.S., it is generally accepted that hamburgers were first made in Germany, taking their name from Hamburg in the same way that hot dogs took the name frankfurter from Frankfurt. Hamburgers are now a quintessentially American food, associated with McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants, but they are originally from Germany. Although hamburgers themselves are from Germany, the idea of placing them into a bun can be traced to America. Many people argue over the first person to put a hamburger in a bun. There are 6 main contenders for this honor, all American citizens or immigrants to America. This innovation made hamburgers the American tradition the are today. White Castle claims that Otto Kuase was the inventor of the hamburger in Germany. He served a beef patty topped with a fried egg. This hamburger in Germany is perhaps the original. Others argue that the hamburger was invented during the World’s Fair of 1904. The hamburger definitely became a national choice during this fair, but it would seem that the original hamburger came from Germany. Louis Lassen also claims that he created the first hamburger and sailors from Hamburg would name the sandwich after themselves later. The history of the hamburger is contentious indeed.

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