Where did medieval theatre originate?

Trivia Crack Question: Where did medieval theatre originate?
Trivia Crack Answer: Churches

About Medieval theatre originated from the Churches

Medieval theatre originated in Europe and slowly increased in popularity between the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century, and the start of the Renaissance in around the 15th century. Medieval theatre found its first groundings within the church. Though there are few surviving documents of early productions due to low literacy rates of the time and the opposition from some of the clergy, it is known that early plays took a highly religious and moral stance. Genres latter of the 10th century were liturgical dramas, masques, farces, mystery plays and morality plays. Certain well known English Medieval plays include N-town plays, Wakefield Mystery plays, Chester Mystery plays, York Mystery plays, and the morality play Everyman. Medieval theatre came as the first dramas not performed in Greek or Latin, in around the 13th century. It also evolved from traditional dramas by emphasizing spectacle, contrary to action dictated through speech. The growing theatre soon incorporated song and dance, elaborate costume and set design. Medieval theatre began its great boom as they removed themselves from under the influence and oversight of the church and into privately subsidized buildings.

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