Where do Ming vases come from?

Trivia Crack Question: Where do Ming vases come from?
Trivia Crack Answer: China

About Ming vases

Ming vases come from China. Ming vases are some of the most famous pieces of Chinese ceramic art, and display unprecedented innovation and foreign influence. Ming vases are among the most expensive and prized pieces of art in the world, and have become a byword for luxury and high art. Ming vases are made of porcelain and painted with elaborate, colorful figures, often nature scenes, koi fish, lung dragons, and abstract patterns inspired by Muslim art. Some of the most prized Ming porcelain, including vases, come from the Xuande workshops. During the 1400s, when the Ming dynasty held power over China, Chinese society became exporting porcelain to other countries, especially Europe, where porcelain was non-existent. Ming porcelain and vases in particular became extremely sought-after, and sold for high prices. Up until the Ming dynasty, Europe had not experienced an influx of Chinese art of that scale, and had still not discovered the secret of how to make porcelain, which is a very delicate and beautiful material made from kaolinite clay. Part of the development of Meissen porcelain in Saxony, Germany was driven by the historically high prices of Ming porcelain and vases. Among the traits that make Ming vases so highly prized is the whiteness of the porcelain and the bright colors.

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