Where is Honduras located?

Trivia Crack Question: Where is Honduras located?
Trivia Crack Answer: Central America

About Honduras

Honduras is a country found in Central America. Officially referred to as the Republic of Honduras, this country was home to the Maya. It was conquered by the Spanish in the 1500s. The Spanish were responsible for the introduction of Catholicism and Spanish language, now both majorities in Honduras and Central America at large. Honduras is home to over 8 million people. Its major crops include coffee, sugar cane, fruits such as bananas; resources include gold and silver. The location of Honduras allows great biological diversity. Honduras has had a variety of forms of government, starting with the Maya, the Spanish colonial rule, followed by independence and republican rule in 1821. Honduras is bordered by Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Honduras’ climate ranges from tropical to temperate. Its culture is diverse, especially in language. Unfortunately, some of the native languages of Honduras are becoming extinct, like Lenca. Like many other Central American countries, football is an important pastime. Although Honduras’ location makes it a beautiful country, tourism is limited to high murder and crime rates. Its economy is growing despite issues with the distribution of wealth. Unemployment is high, and the country is heavily in debt, but there is progress being made. Education is important in Honduras, and literacy rates are fairly high.

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