Where is the Capoeira dance from?

Trivia Crack Question: Where is the Capoeira dance from?
Trivia Crack Answer: Brazil

About the Capoeira dance

The Capoeira dance is from Brazil. Calling Capoeira dance is rather misleading, as it is truly a martial art that uses elements of dance and music, as well as acrobatics. Many believe that Capoeira dance began with African slavery becoming a part of Brazil. Due to a lack of documents during Brazil’s early history, it is difficult to confirm that African slaves were responsible for the origination of the Capoeira dance. However, a large oral tradition and other evidence makes it fairly clear that the slaves were at the center of creating Capoeira. Many believe that the Capoeira dance comes from a combination of African, Brazilian and Native American traditions. After slavery was ended in Brazil, the Capoeira dance was used by many recently freed slaves to make a living, often as body guards. Eventually, the government would outlaw the Capoeira dance in 1890 to try to maintain control over the freed slaves. It would not be re-legalized until 1940. Today, the Capoeira dance is an important cultural aspect of Brazil history and is taught around the world. Its martial arts roots are often shrouded to make people believe that the Capoeira is simply a style of dance.

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