Where is whisky from?

Trivia Crack Question: Where is whisky from?
Trivia Crack Answer: Ireland

About the origin of whisky

Whisky comes from Ireland. Although many countries now produce whisky, Ireland is the country that first made it. Whisky comes from a Gaelic word, usicelusige. Usicelusige means water in Gaelic. It was anglicized to whisky when the drink became popular in other others. Whisky distillation began in monasteries and slowly moved out into the rest of the world. Whisky (sometimes spelled whiskey) was at this time primarily used for medical purposes. When Henry VIII dissolved monasteries in favor of the Anglican religion, many monks used their ability to distill whisky to earn a living for themselves. Distillation was a very rough process at this point. Whisky in Ireland was not aged, and so tasted much more alcohol and pungent. Liquor was also generally much stronger at this time. In 1608, Old Bushmills Distillery in Ireland became the first licensed whisky distillery. England introduced taxes on whisky in 1707 and 1725 that made it almost impossible for the Irish to distill whisky legally. Whisky began to be produced illegally, creating what we know today as moonshine. Around this time, Scotland began producing a large amount of Scotch whisky, often just called Scotch. Without whisky being created in Ireland, many of the liquors we have today would not exist.

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