Which colours appear in the Chilean flag?

Trivia Crack Question: Which colours appear in the Chilean flag?
Trivia Crack Answer: Red, blue and white

About the colors of the Chilean flag

The colors of Chilean flag are red, white and blue. Like any flag, the colors of the Chilean flag are highly symbolic. The lower half of the flag is red, symbolizing the blood lost during the Chilean War of Independence. The War of Independence lasted from 1810-1821 or 1826. It was fought between Chileans and the Spanish conquerers and rulers. Many Central American countries fought for independence around the same time. The white color symbolizes the Andes mountains, which are usually covered in snow. The blue color is for the sky and the Pacific Ocean. The Chilean flag has had the colors of red, white and blue since 1817, although the current flag has only been the Chilean flag since 1912. Many of the adjustments up to this point were minor. The basics of this flag were established in 1854. This flag is the third flag Chile has had. Both private homes and public buildings are asked to display the Chilean flag on Army, Navy and Flag Day. Those who do not hang the flag or hang it incorrectly may be subject to a fine. In Chile, it is a crime to ‘mistreat’ the flag in any way.

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