Which famous artist lived in his own museum until his death?

Trivia Crack Question: Which famous artist lived in his own museum until his death?
Trivia Crack Answer: Salvador Dali

About Salvador Dali and the Dali Museum-Theatre

The famous artist who lived in his own museum until his death was Salvador Dali. His museum is called the “Dali Theatre and Museum,” and stands in his hometown of Figueres in Catalonia, Spain. The museum’s architects were Joaquim de Ros i Ramis and Alexandre Bonaterra, who tried to fulfill Dali’s dream of a museum that created a sensation of dream-like theatricality. Fittingly, the Museum and Theatre is built on the remains of the town’s theatre, which was destroyed in the Spanish Civil War. The Museum features a geodesic dome, an enclosed courtyard filled with Greek statues, and vast exhibitions of Dali’s work and private collection, which included pieces from El Greco and other classic artists. Various rooms are set aside as art pieces in themselves, including the Mae West room and the Palace of the Wind room. Dali himself is buried in this museum, under the location of the old theatre’s stage. The Dali Museum and Theatre weaves together many different art styles, ranging from Dali’s own surrealism to classical Greek sculpture and painting. The museum itself is a long, rectangular red block with eggs adorning the parapets and white dot patterns on the wall similar to Turkish architecture.

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