Which is not a name of a sea?

Trivia Crack Question: Which is not a name of a sea?
Trivia Crack Answer: Pacific

About the seven seas

The Pacific is not a sea. Pacific is the name of an ocean. Red, Dead and Black are all seas. The Red Sea is located between Africa and Asia. It is about 1400 miles long. At its widest point, the Red Sea is 220 miles. It is the most northern tropical sea in the world. The Dead Sea, also known as the Salt Sea, is surrounded by Jordan, Israel and Palestine. Although technically a salt lake, the Dead Sea is also regarded as a sea. The Dead Sea is so salty that swimming in it is more like floating. The Black Sea is surrounded by Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Romania and Georgia. The Black Sea is the largest of these three seas. The Pacific Ocean is not a sea. It is actually the largest of the oceans. It is the ocean found between Asia, Australia and the Americas. The Pacific Ocean was named by Ferninand Magellan. He called it Mar Pacifico which is Portuguese for ‘peaceful sea’. The Pacific Ocean is shrinking by one inch every year on three sides, while the Atlantic Ocean is growing. Exploration of the Pacific Ocean lead to a lot of colonialism and imperialism across the world.

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