Which is the main meridian?

Trivia Crack Question: Which is the main meridian?
Trivia Crack Answer: Greenwich

About the main meridian

Greenwich is the main meridian. This prime meridian was established in 1851 by Sir George Airy. The main meridian passes through many countries, including Algeria, Antarctica, Burkina Faso, France, Ghana, Mali, Spain, Togo and the UK. The Greenwich Observatory can be found in London. The observatory includes a stainless steel strip in its courtyard marking the main meridian. The prime meridian was used by sailors to navigate throughout the ocean. A meridian long is a longitudinal line, circumventing the globe. Although these lines are not decided by any particular geography, using them is necessary for sailing safely. Meridians give a reference point that is fixed, helping people navigate. There are prime meridians around the world, running through major cities like Washington D.C, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Brussels, Amsterdam, Alexandria, Saint Petersburg and Jerusalem. The main meridian was decided by a group of delegates representing 25 nations. Establishing this main meridian not only aided sailors in their navigation, it also established standards for telling time around the world. Greenwich is considered the 0 point for time adjustments and as you move east, time is added. As you move west, time is subtracted. This is why the east coast of the USA is considered GMT -5:00. GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time.

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