Which is the only country who borders with Portugal?

Trivia Crack Question: Which is the only country who borders with Portugal?
Trivia Crack Answer: Spain

About the border of Portugal

Spain is only country that borders Portugal. The Iberian Peninsula contains both Spain and Portugal. A peninsula is a section of land surrounded by water on three sides. Portugal is nestled into the side of Spain, and is bordered only by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. Spain is only bordered by Portugal and France. The fact that Portugal is only bordered by Spain allowed it to do much of the conquering and exploration of the New World. Although Christopher Columbus was famously sponsored by the Spanish court, he first presented his request for money and aid for the trip to King John II of Portugal twice. Prince Henry the Navigator was responsible for spearheading many of the trips of exploration during this time. Portugal was able to explore its border of the Atlantic Ocean, discover Brazil, the Azores and Cape Verde, colonize and explore Africa and devise a trade route to India using the Cape of Good Hope, along with many other areas. From 1580-1640, Portugal joined a union with its only bordering country, Spain. This was referred to as the Iberian Union. Portugal’s small size and lack of bordering countries made it necessary for many of its citizens to migrate to its various colonies, especially Brazil.

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