Which movie debut the first of Disney’s classic princesses?

Trivia Crack Question: Which movie debut the first of Disney’s classic princesses?
Trivia Crack Answer: Snow White

About Disney’s movie princesses

The movie that debuted the first of the classic Disney princesses was Snow White. Snow White was also the first animated movie produced and published by Walt Disney. It featured the eponymous Snow White, a 14-year-old princess whose stepmother, the evil Grimhilde, abuses her by making her carry out harsh physical labor. When Snow White escapes, the Queen sends the Huntsman after her to kill her, but Snow White’s beauty and innocence convinces him to leave her. Snow White meets the Seven Dwarfs, who treasure her and give her a home. However, Snow White’s stepmother finds her and manages to poison her with a tainted apple, causing her to fall into a death-like sleep. A handsome prince comes along and wakes her up, and the two live happily ever after. While making the movie, Disney stressed that Snow White should be more realistic than the other cartoons Disney Studios had made up to that point, and hired actors to re-enact scenes so that the animators could study recordings of them and imitate more human movement. Adriana Coseletti became the voice of Snow White for the movie. The story that Disney based his film off of was the altered version of the story by the Brothers Grimm, who edited out the cannibalism and sad ending of the original.

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