Which of Shakespeare’s novel was set in Verona, Italy?

Trivia Crack Question: Which of Shakespeare’s novel was set in Verona, Italy?
Trivia Crack Answer: Romeo and Juliet

About Shakespeare and Verona, Italy

The novel Shakespeare set in Verona, Italy is “Romeo and Juliet.” Despite the phrasing in this Trivia Crack question, “Romeo and Juliet” was not a novel, but rather a play. Shakespeare’s version of Romeo and Juliet was based off an Italian story, which Shakespeare adapted and expanded. Set in Verona, Italy, Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is a tale of tragic romance based around a family feud between two rival houses, the Capulets and Montagues. Juliet is a Montague, while Romeo is a Capulet, and this causes Romeo difficulty as he tries to woo Juliet, especially because he may be killed if found on the grounds of Juliet’s home. The theme of forbidden love in Shakespeare’s play, as well as the romantic tradition of Italian tragedies, made Romeo and Juliet extremely popular, and continues to influence the romance genre today. In its day, the setting of Verona, Italy gave the play cultural sophistication and the trappings of upper-class fashion, and no doubt added to the impressiveness of the elaborate costumes and speech. Many of Shakespeare’s plays were written in iambic pentameter, which were lines of unstressed and stressed syllables that created a pleasing rhythm. Several of Shakespeare’s plays also featured rhyming couplets, which added significantly to the difficulty and poetic value of the works.

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