Which of the Avengers is a god?

Trivia Crack Question: Which of the Avengers is a god?
Trivia Crack Answer: Thor

About Thor, Avenger and god of thunder

Thor is an Avenger and also a god. In Norse mythology, Thor is the god of thunder. Although Marvel does not exactly follow the Norse myths, many of Thor’s powers and attributes come from the stories. Thor is the son of Odin, the All-Father. He possesses Mjolnir, a supernatural hammer that can only be picked up by those who are worthy. Thor and his brother, Loki, are both gods and based on their Norse mythology. Loki is a trickster god and creates chaos wherever he goes. Originally, when Jack Kirby was trying to create this character, he wanted to make Thor less recognizably Thor of mythology. He wanted to create a character inspired by Thor rather than a literal god. However, the longer he tried, the more he realized that Thor was always going to be Thor. So, he made Thor both a superhero and god. Thor possesses the ability to manipulate thunder and thunderstorms and is very long-lived. He can be killed, but it is very difficult. He cannot get diseases and sometimes has been shown to regenerate limbs. He is also superhumanly strong and fast. Thor has been featured in the Marvel movies, including the Avengers.

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