Which of the following countries has the highest life expectancy?

Trivia Crack Question: Which of the following countries has the highest life expectancy?
Trivia Crack Answer: Japan

About the highest life expectancies

Japan has the highest life expectancy of these countries. Japan’s life expectancy is about 83 years. Andorra used to have the longest life expectancy, with 83.5 years being reported in 2008. However, this has dropped over the last few years to 82.2. Canada’s life expectancy is 81.2 years. The United State’s life expectancies are the lowest of these three countries at 78.7. Although this is the lowest, the U.S. is still doing better than the world average, but is 37th best for life expectancy worldwide. The average life expectancy is 73 for women and 68 for boys. The highest life expectancies are 87 for women in Japan and 81.2 for men in Iceland. There is still a huge range of life expectancies across the world, with high-income countries experiencing life spans of about 80 years, while low-income countries have life spans of about 65 years. Advances in pre- and postnatal care have allowed the average life expectancy to get much higher worldwide. Most of the deaths of children under five are caused by premature birth. Continuing to improve natal care will help make global life expectancies higher. Infectious diseases are still causing the most deaths, especially premature deaths, in African countries. In European and North American countries, most premature deaths are caused by things like cancer and heart disease.

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