Which of the following does not correspond to arid climate?

Trivia Crack Question: Which of the following does not correspond to arid climate?
Trivia Crack Answer: All are correct

About arid climates

All of the answers correspond to arid climate. An arid climate is one with very little water or precipitation, extreme temperature changes and a desert landscape. To be defined as arid, an area must have less than 10 inches of rain in a year, which is very scare precipitation. Hot deserts may experience very large fluctuations, ranging from over 100 degree to below freezing. Arid climate and desert landscape are basically synonymous. Deserts lack vegetation almost quickly. Hot deserts are typically found near the equator, in northern Africa and the southern section of North America. There is also hot desert areas found in Australia, including the Great Victoria Desert. There are also cold deserts, which can be found primarily in Asia. The Himalayas are one of the cold deserts found in Asia. Although people often believe that arid climates are always hot, they can also be cold. The least common type of arid climate is a mild desert climate. Some people do not include this third category at all, simply sorting mild deserts as either hot or cold deserts. Arid climates are often too extreme for people to survive in, although there are nomadic cultures that live in some arid areas.

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