Which of the following is the previous capital of England?

Trivia Crack Question: Which of the following is the previous capital of England?
Trivia Crack Answer: Winchester

About Winchester, the previous capital of England

Winchester was previously the capital of England. Winchester was the capital of Roman England, from around 100-410 CE. During the time that it was the capital, Winchester was also called Venta Belgarum. Sometime during the 3rd century, the Romans built large stone walls around Winchester. As the Saxons become the predominant culture in England, Winchester lost its status as a political capital. However, new churches and a mint emerged in the city in the 9th and 10th centuries. John Keats wrote some of his poetry in Winchester, including sections of Hyperion. Jane Austen passed away while in Winchester. Her grave can be found in the Winchester Cathedral. The Winchester Cathedral is currently a large tourist draw, due to the graves of many famous people as well as the beauty of the building. It is the longest cathedral in Europe. The building of this cathedral was fictionalized in Ken Follett’s novel, The Pillars of the Earth. The Winchester and Wolvesey Castle are also important landmarks in the former capital. The City Museum of Winchester traces its history from its time as the capital of England to the present day. There are still roads dating from the Roman Era that connect to Winchester. One, the Clarendon Way, is now a walking path.

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